Aaree Accessories

Aaree Accessories offers hand-crafted jewellery that is a fine amalgamation of contemporary and classic designs. Their mesmerzing jewellery and vibrant colour palette will enhance your look for any occassion!

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Aesthetiic India

Aesthetiic India is a premium luxury label that preserves the centuries old Odishan art of 'Tarakashi' or silver filigree, an elaborate process of moulding silver wires into intricate patterns.


Amari Designs

Amari offers a dazzling collection of silver jewellery with excellent value for money and high purity of silver. Studded with Swarovski Zirconia, their designs are exquisite and are well suited for any occasion.


Bay Leaf Accessories

Bay Leaf Accessories is a highly versatile brand conceptualized by Sonam Gosalia and Aesha Sukhadia. Their jewellery is sophisticated yet edgy, modern with traditional influences, bold but effortless thus ensuring they create something for everybody.



Bblingg is a luxe contemporary cocktail and destination wedding jewellery line with glamorous pieces in Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and pearls; catering to the discerning customer looking for classic heritage styles with a modern twist.



Bold and crazy! Berserk is for women who love to express themselves. Coming from a land rich with artistic heritage, Berserk showcases rich craftsmanship and skill to the world and with a contemporary twist.



Choko handcrafts hair accessories that draw inspiration from nature. They are also committed to using only locally sourced raw material and hiring local artisans.


Deepa Gurnani

Deepa Gurnani, a New York based brand is known for luxury hand embroidered jewellery. With the bond of love, Jay and Deepa, created the luxury accessories brand. They combined their skills and a unique take on style to create a line of exclusive hand embroidered accessories.

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A combination of Eden (Heaven) and neck literally meaning Heaven on Neck - takes inspiration from modern architecture. Each product combines the characteristic clean lines and minimalist aesthetics of modern architecture with ageless femininity.


Esme Crystals

Esme crystals is a house dedicated to timeless fashion jewellery made with authentic swarovski crystals. Every piece of Swarovski is specially handpicked from the Swarovski factories of Austria to assure the magic of color and quality in each of Esme’s products.


Jewellery by Mitali Jain

Jewellery By Mitali Jain is a luxury jewellery house based in Jaipur. Their designs are contemporary, minimal and handcrafted by skilled artisans with utmost care and precision. 


Joules by Radhika

Joules By Radhika is a luxury fashion jewellery brand based out of Mumbai that was started 15 years ago. Their jewellery is timeless and their craftsmanship is meticulous and of high quality.

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Limelight Lab Grown Diamonds

Limelight redefines luxury in a conscious effort towards sustainability with their masterfully crafted Type IIa diamonds that belong to the same league as the Koh-i-noor diamond!


My Meera Store

Meera's accessories are nothing less than intricate pieces of art that resonate with bold personalities. My Meeera not only caters to men and women but also crafts exquisite home decor and kitchenware!


Neeta Boochra

Neeta Boochra Jewellery, from the House of Silver Centrre is the ultimate source for beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Silver Centrre has been spreading its magic for over 100 years. With a legacy of great craftsmanship, Neeta Boochra is known for exquisite designs and purity.

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Noor by Saloni

Noor speaks distinctively of India and its heritage – it tells unheard and forgotten stories from the past, which remain relevant and continue to define our values. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of craftsmanship in Jaipur, Noor combines modern design with traditional quality and techniques.


Preethy Vaidya Jewelry

Preethy Vaidya's jewellery is a vivid culmination of exquisite design with the finest of cubic zirconia crystals, 18 karat gold plating and semi-precious stones that are moulded into a work of art for today’s free-spirited and contemporary woman.


Rhea Jewellery

Handcrafted jewellery with turquoise, corals and agate, jade and rhinestones, Rhea is a contemporary fashion jewellery brand by Creator & Curator, Rima Jain. Having grown up in the diamond business, Rima was always inspired by the delicate beauty (and of course, sparkle!) of jewellery. 



Rhmmya offers traditional and contemporary demi fine jewellery with breath-taking details. The brand comes from a family of jewellers who’ve been crafting jewellery for more than six decades and who’ve been exposed to the ins and outs of the industry.

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Rosette Jewels

Rosette Jewels presents handcrafted designer costume jewellery that represent art, design and culture.  Rosette's mission is to introduce the finest, up-scaled jewellery to clients at best prices and give the essence of traditional and innovative designs.


Runway Hit

Runway Hit brings to you hair jewellery for your special occasions. Handcrafted and gorgeous pieces that elevate one's look. Everything trending from scattered florals to exaggerated feathers, there's something for every occasion.

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Savitri Jewels

Savitri Jewels is an ode to the designer's grandmother. Each design takes you back in time to a memory worth cherishing. Savitri deals in 92.5 Sterling silver jewellery with a traditional twist.

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Statement by Nisha

Statement by Nisha is a brand of designer statement and bespoke jewellery for the woman of today. The designs are bold, contemporary and a combination of east- meets-west with inspiration drawn from Arabic, Ottoman and Indian cultures and also from Day to Day life. The unique creations cater to and empower the woman who intends to make a statement!

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The Alchemy Studio

Tying in the richness of India's regal past to an uber-stylish present, they  bring to you, unique pieces envisioned in a fusion of raw uncut diamonds, vibrant gem stones, engraved stones and freshwater pearls set using ancient techniques and geometric constructions dating back to the 18th century in 14 kt gold and sterling silver that seek to address every taste and sensibility.



Tiara offers a wide collection of fashion jewellery for the women of today that are comfortable to wear and can be paired with all kinds of outfits. Make a style statement every day with Tiara!



Zohra’s artisanal handcrafted jewellery has a contemporary minimalist look. Their jewellery is all about shapes, structures, lines and 3D geometric designs. Zohra’s inspiration is also drawn from the flora and fauna to create some quirky and edgy pieces. 


Zubhana Jewellers

Elegant, timeless & exquisite are the words that define Jewels by Zubhana. Every piece is carefully thought of, handpicked and handcrafted by experts. Their edgy bracelets, contemporary necklaces and dazzling earrings accentuate one's style. Get inspired by the energy infused within their beautiful jewellery!

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Zyva Jewellery

Established in 2008, Zyva's reputation is built on several strong values - purity and innovation. Time and again Zyva's collection is refreshed to keep up with the trending and popular styles.